24" Echelon Snow Blower Discharge Chute Wanders or Locked Up

This article addresses the small chance you have a unit with a chute that drifts back and forth on its own or if your chute has locked up.

Tools needed 13 mm open ended wrench and 10mm socket or philips screw driver.  This takes about 15 minutes.

Start by removing the belt housing, there is a bolt on either side of the unit...

Now remove the 4 nuts/bolts that hold the discharge housing to the main housing...

Once removed, you can see the 4 screws that hold the base together.  Carfully remove these and separate the pieces...

If your chute was locked up, there is likely debris in the spring.  Simply pull the spring and clean it with solvent or a brush.

If your chute wanders, you can stretch the spring a bit or contact us for a replacement spring.

Before you re-assemble the unit you can test the operation of it buy holding your thumb over the spring so it does not jump out while you are turning the gear.

You can now re-assemble the unit working backwards through these instructions. Be advised when you get to the 2 bolts in this picture that you will need to instert the bolts just far enough to get the nuts placed before you can thread them.

Last Modified: 02/05/2015