Cleaning the carberator on your Echelon Snow Blower

Now is the time of year you will be digging out your snow blower and making sure it runs.  If you did not properly prep your machine for storage or if you have not done it in awhile, you may need to take some time to clean the carberator to get your machine running.  


Instructions for cleaning carburetor.  This can all be done without removing the carb or any surrounding parts on both the 24” and 34” unit.

First you need to drain the bowl of fuel and then remove it. 

Once you have removed the bowl you need to use a straight screw driver to remove the inlet screw and needle.  If the screw or needle do not just fall out keep fiddling with them and the will eventually fall free.

These two pieces are what will fall out.  Use a wire bread tie with the paper striped off and carb cleaner or Seafoam to clean out all the little holes.  Clean out the inside of the bowl as well.

Every hole must be free of debris, compressed air is useful.  Don’t forget to look down the inside from the ends.

Don’t forget the hole in the screw!!

Reinsert the needle and screw, this diagram shows how the needle was orientated.

While you have the bowl off you should also clean the float and float needle.

Pull the pin and remove the float.  Be careful not to dislodge the needle from the float, there is a spring holding it in. 

Diagram of the float and needle.

Now you can reinstall the float….

With everything reinstalled you can put the bowl back on, make sure the drain bolt is orientated such that you can access it in the future.  You should be ready to test the engine.




Last Modified: 02/04/2015