Changing belts on 34'' Echelon Snow Blower

Changing belts on KC1334MS Echelon 34” snow blower

You may want the help of a friend for some of this.  Most if not all of this was done with a 13mm wrench.  This took me about an hour.

Starting by removing the cover over the belts taking out 3 bolts that hold it in place.

Once the cover is off you will see the idler roller… Remove this being careful not to drop the nut or washer inside the gearbox...

This is the orientation of the washer when it goes back together

This spacer needs to come off as well… note the orientation

Loosen these retaining fingers and swing them out of the way...

You should now be able to slip the belts off the top drive pulley.

Now you need to split the black gearbox from the red intake housing.  There are 3 nuts on either side of the machine.  Remove these but be careful as the gearbox/engine will want to tip back once the last nut is free.  You may want to leave one on each side barely threaded on until you can see how the unit will behave once apart.  Make sure you read ahead before going forward with this part.  You may want help here.

Something to be careful of is the control wire for the auger…  Separating the two halves will put tension on this wire.  You can loosen the two gold nuts and free the wire from the frame to give you some room to work.  You can attempt to remove the wire and spring from the lever but in this case I did not need to.  Make sure you support the gearbox/engine side of the unit when taking the bolts out.

This lever holds the belts in place on the underside of the large pulley….

Press it forward and it will release the belts…

You should now be able to remove the old belts from the unit.  Set the new belts in the pulley grooves, I found it useful to zip tie them like this so as to keep them out of the way as I reassembled the machine.  Don’t zip them too tight, just tight enough that they stay put.  Be careful removing them as to not cut the belt as well, I used side cutters to clip them when the time came.

Now it is time to rejoin the two parts of the machine.  Once you line up the bolt holes put one nut on each side to keep the two pieces from coming apart again but keep things loose so you can work easier.  Tighten all 6 once everything else is put back.

Do not forget to replace the control wire if you moved it…

Now you can set the belts in the upper pulley.  Make sure the bolt for the idler pulley is on the outside of the belts like this…

Reinstall the idler pulley remembering to orient the spacer and the grooved washer like they came off.

Put the belt retaining fingers back and tighten them down.  They should ride close to the belts but not press them into the pulley

Replace the cover and make sure you tighten the 6 nuts that hold the two parts together.  You should be good to go.  After testing you may need to adjust the idler pulley by moving it closer to the belts if they are not engaging or you are experiencing poor throwing performance. 

Last Modified: 02/04/2015