18'' Echelon Snow Blower Auger Replacement

Here are the steps to change the auger on your 18'' Echelon Snow Blower

Tools needed are 10mm wrench/socket, hammer or pry bar and a phillips screw driver.  This should take about 30 minutes to complete. 

Start by removing the side panel using the 4 screws indicated here...

This is the route of the belt for your reference.  Start by removing it.  The easiest way is to work it off the small drive pulley first.  

Now take a minute to tie the control bar down with a zip tie.  This will lift the tention finger off the auger pulley and allow you to remove the belt.

Now remove the bolt holding the auger pulley on. 

Using a claw hammer or pry bar, pry from the back side of the auger pulley.  This may come off easily or it may take a bit of work.  Turn the auger as you pry to work around the back of the pulley.  

Once you have the pulley off, remove the 3 bolts behind it.

Now go to the opposite side of the machine and remove these 3 bolts

The auger is now free floating in the machine.  Pry it out from the left side.

Now you can pull the auger from the right side.  

Remove the auger bearings and bolt plate from each end of the auger.  The left end has a bolt that needs to be removed in order to do this.  The bearings may come off easily or you may need a puller.  Pullers can be borrowed from many auto parts stores.  Place the bearings and bolt plates on the new auger.  A deep well socket of the right diameter is perfect for tapping the bearing on the right side shaft.  Just make sure the impacts are to the silver inner ring of the bearing and not the black parts.

Once you have the bearings set you are ready to put everything back together.

Insert the right side of the auger into the right side of the machine and then pop the left side in.  Do not forget the black cover on the left side.  This is the opposite of how you took it out.

Once the auger is back in, replace the 3 bolts on each side.

Now replace the auger pulley.  Notice the orientation.  On one side of the pulley the center spindle sticks out away from the rest of the pulley, this side goes to the back.  The pulley should be flush with the auger shaft when installed properly.

Replace the bolt that retains the auger pulley

Now you can replace the belt and put the cover back on.  You are good to go!



Last Modified: 11/30/-1