Adjusting the idler pulley on 24" Echelon Snow Blower

If you are experiencing poor throwing performance you either need to adjust the tension on your control wires or the position of the idler pulley.  This article shows the adjustment of the idler pulley.

First remove the belt cover by removing the screw on either side of the cover...

You will see the idler pulley here.  It sits in a slot on the bracket.  

To adjust the position, loosen the nut, you will need a wrench on each side.  Once loose slide the pulley further into the slot towards the belt and tighten the nut back down.  This will increase the amount that the pulley engages the belt.  Test the function of the machine, if the auger does not stop when you relaease the lever then you need to back the pulley off slightly.  Put the cover back on once complete.

Last Modified: 02/05/2015