Assembling your 24" Echelon Snow Blower

Start by attaching the discharge chute to the unit.  The bolts and the handle should be orientated as in the picutres with the nuts on the outside as to not interfere with snow discharge.  It is best to start the first couple threads on each bolt before trying to tighten all of them down.

Next install the axle pins.  They are shipped hanging from the side of the air cleaner as shown.  

Install the pins in the axle by lineing up the holes in the wheel with the holes in the drive shaft as shown...

Now you can move to installing the handle bars and controls.  The handle bars and control panel come pre-assembled and just need to be attached to the back of the unit.  See the orientation of the handle bars and attachement of the control wires and gear shift here.

First, attach the 4 bolts and nuts that hold the handle bars on.

Second, attach the gear shift rod.  Stick the rod through the hole on the gear shift and use the cotter pin behind the gear shift to hold it in place.

Next attach the control wires as shown.  The easiest way I have found to do this is to loosen the gold nut near the spring and move it toward the center of the threaded area.  You can then lengthen the wire by turning the threaded bolt out of the gold wire retainer.  Once you have attached it to the appropriate control at the base you can then shorten the wire by turning the threaded bolt back into the gold wire retainer.  There is a screw driver head at the end of that bolt inside the spring to aid in turning this.  See these pictures for reference...

Adjust these intil the spring streches when you activate the lever.  

Once you have the conrols hooked up you are ready to put gas and oil in the machine.

Any cold weather motor oil is fine, I use 5W30 here at the shop.  Avoid ethanol blended gas in any small engine as it runs too hot for many small engines and will also rot any rubber component it comes in contact with.  If you need help finding pure unleaded gas in your area you can search sites like

Gas fills in the top of the gas tank and oil fills in the side of the engine...

Correct oil level is approximatley half way up the dipstick...

Once the unit has oil and gas you are ready to start it.  Set the levers in the picture to the settings indicated.  The throttle can be set full to the right, the choke all the way to the left and the fuel shut off all the way to the right.  Once the unit is running you will want to adjust the choke lever to the right until the engine smooths out.

Standing behind the unit, the level on the left runs the auger and the lever on the right runs the drive train.  Check the function of the unit before attempting to use in the snow. 

In the event the chute gets clogged, shut the machine off and use the clearing tool to clear the clog.  DO NOT use your hands as there could be remaning tension in the system reulting in unexpected movement and possible injury. 

If you experience poor throwing performance you either need to adjust the tention on the control wires or adjust the position of the idler pulley.  Instructions for that can be found in this article.

If you have any questions you can send us a message at the contact us page.





Last Modified: 02/05/2015